Development of a High-Performance, Integrated, and Disposable Clarification Solution for Continuous Bioprocessing

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Figure 1: Depth-filter sizing following AWS
processing (1,000-L batch)

Current bioprocesses combine fed-batch cell culture with batch-wise downstream processing steps. To achieve integrated upstream and downstream continuous manufacturing, the industry has been in need of a continuous cell separation and clarification solution for bioprocess fluids from bioreactors. The Cadence Acoustic Separator from Pall Life Sciences provides this solution, with continuous first-stage clarification without the need for filter media in a scalable, single-use format with no negative impact on product attributes. The Cadence Acoustic Separator delivers cost and time savings through reductions in buffer volumes, filter preparation time, and depth-filter requirements with stable performance and higher yields over longer processing times.

Limitations of Existing Technology
As the biopharmaceutical industry slowly but surely moves toward adoption of integrated continuous manufacturing, suppliers such as Pall are driven to develop solutions that specifically enable continuous downstream unit operations to be linked together.

Efficient solutions for continuous harvesting of biologic drug substances from cell culture processes have been lacking until recently, however.

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