Vetter Development Service July 2010

Peter Soelkner

July 1, 2010

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Vetter, a leading provider of aseptically prefilled drug delivery systems, is poised to launch a new state-of- the-art facility at the Illinois Science + Technology Park in suburban Chicago. An expansion of Vetter Development Service, the Chicago site will support preclinical through phase II development projects. The 24,000-ft2 facility includes three cleanrooms, microbiology and chemical laboratories, and administrative offices.

Early-Phase Work

Developed at the urging of Vetter’s North American clients, the Chicago site, like Vetter’s European facilities, will support small- batch, early-stage products. Biotechnology drugs, in particular, are highly sensitive complex compounds. Vetter has extensive experience working with such substances, including monoclonal antibodies, peptides, interferons, and vaccines. Type of stopper or glass and degree of siliconization can potentially interact with a product’s active ingredient. Matching drug product to delivery system and manufacturing process is critical. So is maximizing API Vetter’s state-of-the-art technology preserves API during the filling process, and its experience in the industry minimizes wasteful trial and error.

Supporting a Faster Time to Market

The Chicago facility will provide the Vetter approach to product development, which enables a smooth continuum throughout a product’s lifecycle.

  • Project management: Across functions and facilities, throughout the development effort, Vetter teams communicate and coordinate using project management principles. Such a process-driven approach helps keeps projects on track and timelines tight. Experienced project managers steer all tasks and processes, which is especially critical in early-phase work.

  • Technology transfer: Development and commercial teams will closely coordinate a product’s transfer from Chicago labs to Vetter’s large-scale manufacturing facilities. The Chicago facility already replicates commercial-stage processes to help prevent surprises at market production.

  • Partnership: Client collaboration is one of Vetter’s distinguishing hallmarks. Vetter works closely with its clients to plan not only for the present, but also to set a successful course through registration and long-term market production.

Why Chicago?

The new Chicago facility is a strategic component of Vetter’s plan for worldwide growth. The site will eventually employ 50–60 highly skilled professionals. Nearly half of Vetter’s customer base is located in North America, and the site offers a central US location with a domestic and international airline hub. Moreover, the new facility is uniquely situated in a thriving biopharmaceutical region that offers an established infrastructure, prominent research institutions, and a talent pool of 70,000–80,000 professionals.

What Is Vetter?

Vetter is an independent international specialist in the aseptic filling of syringes, cartridges, and vials. With approximately 2,300 employees worldwide, Vetter holds nearly 140 patents and has longstanding experience in working with regulatory authorities around the world.

Vetter’s international success arises from its three interdependent divisions:

  • Vetter Development Service specializes in taking complex compounds from preclinical development to regulatory approval and worldwide market launch.

  • Vetter Commercial Manufacturing performs the entire production process, from compounding and aseptic filling to final product packaging.

  • Vetter Solutions’ innovative patented drug delivery and anticounterfeiting systems help clients to compete more effectively throughout the world.

The new Chicago facility supports Vetter’s standing as a leader in aseptic prefilled injection systems, providing a seamless process from early-stage development to commercial production and worldwide market supply.

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