Antibody Derivatives: Deconstructing MAbs for the Next Wave of Biotherapies

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17-4-AntibodyDerivatives-eBook-233x300.jpgAlthough they make up the largest and most successful category of biopharmaceuticals so far, monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) suffer from certain disadvantages. Some companies are addressing those limitations by deconstructing MAb molecules to create new emergent therapeutics. These antibody derivatives include: antibody fusions and fragments, bispecifics, trifunctional antibodies, and more. This eBook combines market analysis from consultant David Orchard-Webb with technical discussion from BPI cofounder and senior technical editor Cheryl Scott. It also includes commentary from editorial advisor Michiel Ultee and BioProcess Insider editor Dan Stanton, to present a current picture of where these “next-generation” therapeutic proteins stand.

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