BeiGene teams with InnoRNA to develop mRNA therapeutics

Beijing-based BeiGene has formed a global strategic collaboration with InnoRNA to develop mRNA therapeutics.

Richard Daverman

July 15, 2022

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BeiGene teams with InnoRNA to develop mRNA therapeutics
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Beijing-headquartered BeiGene has formed a global strategic collaboration with InnoRNA to develop mRNA therapeutics.

Shenzhen, China-headquartered InnoRNA uses its LNP (liquid nanoparticle) delivery technology and mRNA drug discovery program to discover novel mRNA candidates. The collaboration will see InnoRNA receive an upfront cash payment and will be eligible to receive milestones and royalties on sales.

BeiGene will hold exclusive global development and commercialization rights for the collaboration’s mRNA-LNP therapies. InnoRNA will receive an additional upfront cash payment and milestones for granting BeiGene a non-exclusive license to its proprietary LNP Technology platform.


Image: Stock Photo Secrets

RNA therapies are designed to produce therapeutic proteins in cells. According to InnoRNA, its RNA and LNP technologies address the problem of delivering mRNA into the right cells, a problem that has limited the development of mRNA therapies. The company has built its proprietary platforms to deliver mRNA into the cell of interest.

InnoRNA says molecular diversity is the key to finding new functionalities of lipid nanoparticles. Its Diversity-Oriented Lipid Library (DOLL) explores new functions of lipids, such as tissue specific delivery, and molecules with low immunogenicity. Using various chemical methods to build up the core structure of DOLL, the company says it maintains a higher molecular diversity and has a greater chance of finding new functional lipids than combinatorial libraries.

“As a global biotechnology company, BeiGene is committed to delivering next-generation therapies through our own internal discovery engine and leveraging cutting-edge technology from experienced and innovative partners,” said Lai Wang, PhD, Global Head of R&D at BeiGene.

“This collaboration with InnoRNA advances and supports our research efforts in the important field of mRNA therapies while securing critical, proprietary delivery tools.”

“We are very excited to partner with BeiGene to discover and develop innovative mRNA therapies as well as contribute our LNP technology to BeiGene’s internal research,” said Linxian Li, PhD, Founder and CEO of InnoRNA.

“As evidenced by the success of multiple Covid-19 vaccines, mRNA and LNPs will likely play a major role in the future of drug development, potentially in broad fields beyond vaccines. Joining this collaboration with BeiGene represents a big step forward toward this vision for our company.”

BeiGene is a global, science-driven biotechnology company focused on developing innovative and affordable medicines to improve treatments and access for patients worldwide. With a portfolio of more than 40 clinical candidates, the company expedites development of its diverse pipeline of novel therapeutics via its own capabilities along with outside collaborations.

This article first appeared in ChinaBio Today on July 8 2022.

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