eBook: Making Filtration Work

Angelo DePalma

April 25, 2019

1 Min Read

17-4-Filtration-eBook-232x300.jpgSteady improvements in batch-fed cell culture have led to bottlenecks in downstream processing. Filter suppliers are working to improve available tools for purifying therapeutic proteins, to wring every possible efficiency out of those tools, and to make them operate together harmoniously. The combination of high titers and high-value products places a premium on preventing yield loss. Bioprocessors want to optimize filtration primarily for cost reasons.

In this eBook, author Angelo DePalma discusses financial aspects, clarification/harvest and virus filtration options, and innovation with experts from supplier companies, academic institutions, biopharmaceutical companies. They highlight how each stakeholder can work toward solving the case of upstream–downstream capacity mismatch.

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