Cyclic Cell Harvest with CONTIBAC® SU Filters

BPI Contributor

May 22, 2020

1 Min Read
Cyclic Cell Harvest with CONTIBAC® SU Filters

As the Biotech industry is moving towards single-use components, larger batch volumes and higher cell concentrations, conventional cell harvest technologies reach their limit. Depth filters, for instance, can only cope with the increasing demands by stacking more filter elements and therefore increasing the footprint and their economic burden. Hence, innovative solutions are needed to keep pushing the boundaries of the biologics production.

The CONTIBAC® SU filter of DrM excels where existing technologies crumble. Unlike in any competing technology, the filtration is performed cyclically. As a result, it is not necessary to keep stacking more filter elements to harvest higher batch volumes and cell densities. Instead, the number of performed cycles is increased, which keeps the filter size small. This lowers the amount of leachables and extractables, the footprint, as well as the investment and operating cost. With its unique use of cake filtration combined with short cyclic filtration times, the CONTIBAC® SU filter achieves average flow rates up to 2’000 liters per square meter per hour without any sacrifice in filtrate quality.

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