Lilly’s $1bn Ireland investment in Limerick… in limericks!

Eli Lilly has doubled its investment into a planned biologics drug substance manufacturing facility in Ireland.

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Lilly’s $1bn Ireland investment in Limerick�… in limericks!
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Eli Lilly has doubled its investment into a planned biologics drug substance manufacturing facility in Limerick, Ireland.

Having announced plans to build a €400+ million ($433 million) greenfield site in Limerick, Ireland last year, Eli Lilly has magnified the investment to around $1 billion to further support its biologics ambition in the country.

The extra investment was announced this week by Ireland’s Industrial Development Agency (IDA), but BioProcess Insider put ChatGPT on the story, but following a confusing prompt or two the ace artificial intelligence reporter may have misunderstood the city of ‘Limerick’ with the popular form of verse:


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Eli Lilly’s announced with great pride,

Their investment in Limerick’s applied,

At Raheen Business Park,

Construction will embark,

For biologic drugs, they will provide.

The facility will cover vast ground,

500,000 square feet, they have found,

Over 300 jobs will be created,

For highly skilled workers, stated,

A promising future they have crowned.

This news is music to our ears,

A billion dollars, it appears,

Eli Lilly’s commitment is clear,

To Ireland, their future is near,

Their investment is removing all fears.

Mary Buckley of IDA Ireland,

Said: ‘the investment is quite grand,

Eli Lilly’s been here for years,

And Ireland’s talent deserves cheers,

Their commitment to Ireland, truly grand.

‘Eli Lilly’s investment, we shall embrace,

A wealth of talent, they will place,

Their drugs, a key to fight,

World’s serious illness in sight,

Ireland’s future with them, we will trace.’

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