Vector Bio and iBET team to scale-up gene delivery processes

The project aims to develop Vector BioPharma’s gene delivery platform using iBET’s bioprocess and analytical methods.

Millie Nelson, Editor

January 13, 2023

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Vector Bio and iBET team to scale-up gene delivery processes
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The project aims to develop Vector BioPharma’s gene delivery platform using iBET’s bioprocess and analytical methods.  

The partnership between the two parties is in support of Vector Bio’s CMC (chemistry, manufacturing, and controls) development and the announcement follows the Swiss firm’s $30 million Series A fundraising in August 2022.

To begin with, the multiphase partnership aims to advance an analytical method suitable for full-to-empty capsid ratio quantification from in-process as well as final purified samples.

“Vector’s proprietary technology uses a concept known as protein engineering. It is based on an adenovirus, except we have engineered the adenovirus so that no genetic material from the virus is present (we call this a “virus-like particle”, or VLP),” a spokesperson for Vector Bio told us.

“This allows us to package large amounts of genetic material which can, in turn, be used to produce therapeutics within the human body. We have engineered the VLP so that it can be targeted exactly where it needs to go. This adapter-based aspect of the technology is easily interchangeable so that it can be used to selectively bring the large genetic cargo to virtually any type of organ and cell type in the body. Finally, we have added a protein coat to the VLP so that it is protected from clearance by the immune system.”


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According to Vector Bio, the task of monitoring the full-to-empty capsid ratio is a critical quality point of virus-based biotherapeutics because it is used to establish the purity and safety of products from the production process through to at the final product stage.  The following stages of collaboration will then focus on the upstream process acceleration for the large-scale production of Vector Bio’s virus-like particles.

Throughout this partnership, research organization Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica (iBET), which specializes in biotechnology research and bioprocess development will provide Vector with its knowledge in developing integrated bioprocesses and various analytical methods for the purification, production, and characterization of virus-based pharmaceuticals.

“The collaboration will largely run in iBET’s research facilities in Oeiras, Portugal, with support from the Vector team in Basel, Switzerland,” the spokesperson said. And the initial phases of partnership will run for around one year with the expectation of both parties continuing the collaboration for several years overall.

“Collaboration with industry-leading R&D institutions and researchers in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing sector is key to accelerating the development of Vector BioPharma’s proprietary gene delivery platform as we look towards large scale and GMP manufacturing,” said Lorenz Mayr, CEO at Vector Bio.

“Considering iBET’s track record of prestigious RD&I technology transfer projects with companies across the globe, we are confident in this project to rapidly accelerate the development of our gene delivery platform.”

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