GeoVax licenses suspension cell line tech for vax portfolio

GeoVax Labs has licensed ProBioGen’s suspension cell line technology to advance the manufacturing capabilities of its MVA based vaccines.

Millie Nelson, Editor

October 2, 2023

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GeoVax licenses suspension cell line tech for vax portfolio

GeoVax Labs has licensed ProBioGen’s suspension cell line technology AGE1.CR.pIX to advance the manufacturing capabilities of its Modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA) based vaccine portfolio.

GeoVax, a biotechnology firm focused on developing vaccines and immunotherapies against cancers and infectious diseases, has signed a commercial license agreement for ProBioGen’s AGE1.CR.pIX. The platform is said to lower costs and increase productivity for vaccine developers due to its high-yield and scalable manufacturing properties.

AGE1.CR.pIX is derived from primary cells of a duck embryo and ProBioGen developed this as an alternative to the use of chicken eggs for large-scale vaccine manufacturing.



GeoVax said the AGE1.CR.pIX platform has cell line versatility, meaning it supports various viruses and vaccine types. The firm claimed its MVA-based vaccines grow “particularly well” on this cell line and through using this technology it aims to advance the manufacturing of its entire vaccine pipeline.

“The AGE1.CR.pIX suspension cell line is a game-changer for our vaccine production, allowing us to streamline our manufacturing processes while maintaining the highest quality standards,” said David Dodd, CEO of GeoVax.

“Development of a high-yield, high-capacity process to produce MVA-based vaccines and immunotherapies is nothing short of transformational, and by advancing our MVA manufacturing to a modern, interchangeable process, we are on course to expand MVA applications from stockpile-based solutions for niche medical markets to respond to world needs on a timely basis, whenever and wherever they arise. This partnership with ProBioGen aligns perfectly with GeoVax’s mission of developing safe and effective vaccines to protect public health.”

The multi-product partnership is a “long term relationship intended to last as long as the products are manufactured and commercialized,” a spokesperson for GeoVax told us.

Additionally, the spokesperson said to “note that ABL is our contract development manufacturing organization (CDMO), which will utilize the ProBioGen cell line on our behalf in the manufacturing activities.”

The work will take place at ABL’s facilities, however GeoVax “has the option to expand to additional CDMOs, as well as to implement internal manufacturing activities.”

Financial details were not disclosed by either party.

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