Flexible Automation for Continuous Unit Operations

Continuous processing has the potential to provide significant cost and time savings for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, but that potential can be realized only if appropriate automation solutions are available for continuous flow between disparate upstream and downstream operations. Pall Life Sciences’ Allegro MVP system, a fully automated bioprocessing system designed for use in upstream and downstream single-use processing, enables flexible automation and thus facilitates continuous biopharmaceutical manufacturing. This article presents the results obtained using the Allegro MVP system in combination with the Cadence Inline Concentrator (ILC) to demonstrate the system’s depth of flexibility.

About the Allegro MVP System
Automation combined with single-use technologies provides additional benefits during manufacturing, including consistency in product quality and reduced labor costs and operator errors. To realize these benefits for a multitude of unit operations in bioprocesses, Pall designed the Allegro MVP system with fully disposable flow paths and single-use sensors for control and monitoring of key operating parameters. The fully automated process sequences controlled by the Allegro MVP system make it possible to achieve efficient operating conditions.

Because continuous processes can operate for weeks to several months, the Allegro MVP system was designed to provide reliable and robust control for extended periods of time. The high degree of automation incorporated into the system enables precise and consistent operation, control of key operating parameters, and minimal operator contact. Parameters that can be monitored include pressure, pH, flow, conductivity, and UV absorbance.

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