Continuous Chromatography Is Now Possible for Clinical Manufacturing


Figure 1: Principles of simulated moving bed technology

Intensified and integrated bioprocess technologies are creating a paradigm shift toward more efficient, higher flexibility facilities for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Continuous technologies that are designed as single-use systems help to greatly facilitate process intensification, delivering further efficiencies with reduced set-up times and elimination of the need for cleaning and cleaning validation.

Chromatography is often considered to be a challenging bioprocess step, which has caused great interest in a simplified, safer solution. Continuous multicolumn chromatography using a single-use flow path is an economically viable, disposable chromatographic solution for even the most demanding and costly chromatographic steps in a manufacturing process.

The Cadence BioSMB PD platform from Pall Life Sciences is the first disposable flow path, continuous multicolumn chromatography solution that is scalable from a process development (PD) laboratory to GMP manufacturing and is designed for easy integration with other unit operations to allow integrated continuous manufacturing.

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