Team Up for Today's Cell Culture Challenge: PD-Direct® BioProcess Services

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July 1, 2008

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Invitrogen has 45 years of experience in the cell culture business. Over this time, the Invitrogen name and reputation has made us the recognized leader in cell culture systems. In 2003, Invitrogen expanded on this tradition in innovative cell culture products through the creation of a team focused on process development, PD-Direct® BioProcess services. The PD-Direct team responds to core customer needs by offering customers comprehensive service from cell line and media development, to process optimization.

Upstream Optimization Services

The PD-Direct team brings together the best scientists and technologies in upstream optimization. A proven approach of applying high-throughput technologies to process design within an integrated workflow around media and feed optimization yields performance improvements in your media. Our ability to bring this step change in performance comes from several different elements:

  • Unrivalled breadth of historical experience in media screening and media formulation across cell lines and cell types

  • High-throughput workflow that integrates higher-powered experiment design with SimCell™ and Hamilton StarPlus™ technologies

  • Comprehensive analytics to provide vital in-process information

  • Component harmonization and elimination of unnecessary or inhibitory components

  • Expertise from cloning through large-scale production empowering integrated media platforms that minimize adaptation.

Cell Line Services

The science of cell line development has become complex. Increasing production demands along with shorter development timelines require a breadth of investment in platforms, technologies, and personnel. Factors such as transfection efficiency, cell productivity, media conditions, and cell line stability must be incorporated into an overall program of cell line optimization. From myriad expression enhancers to high-throughput screening, the challenges of optimization continue to mount. Additionally, intellectual property, technology harmonization, and final product quality are other considerations that complicate the process.


A scientist preparing a study on Invitrogen’s SimCell™ unit in Grand Island, NY ()

In response, Invitrogen has integrated an array of services to simplify cell line development through PD-Direct® BioProcess services. We offer you a suite of the best cell-line development technologies from across the industry and our in-depth knowledge. This unique combination will yield a high-quality production cell line that will serve as the foundation for your therapeutic product development for years to come.

Our cell line services include:

  • Parental cell line optimization through natural adaptation or accelerated evolution using the Revolution™ technology

  • Preoptimized serum-free FreeStyle™ expression services to produce a protein within a week in suspension CHO or 293 cultures

  • Cell-line engineering with proprietary molecular biology technologies.

We also provide:

  • Recombinant cell-line creation with CHO and PER.C6 cell lines that incorporate industry-leading and IP-friendly vector components,

  • Clone selection, or enrichment through the use of the ClonePixFL high-throughput fluorescent screening technology

  • Expression enhancement with the Revolution™ technology for difficult-to-produce proteins.

Get Your Process Going

Through a partnership with Invitrogen, you can join industry leaders who have discovered the difference that Invitrogen’s innovation can bring to their projects. Whether you need a point solution for upstream optimization or cell line creation or to develop integrated processes, PD-Direct services is the trusted partner who brings the expertise and breadth of Invitrogen to solving your development needs. Get your process going by contacting us.

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