Products and Services Designed to Facilitate Cell Culture Media Development

Jill Jermain

July 1, 2010

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In response to the biopharmaceutical market needs, the focus of Irvine Scientific today is to provide chemically defined and animal-derived component-free cell culture media for use in the production of recombinant proteins. Drug development companies that do not invest in the costly and complex work of media development can rely on the services of Irvine Scientific to obtain and optimize formulas for their production cell lines. As the leader in rapid turn-around time for providing specially formulated products to clients, Irvine Scientific’s Express Media Service and Custom Media Service are the key aspects of the development and manufacturing services that differentiate our company from other media suppliers.

Media Development and Optimization

Our research and development team specializes in the development of optimized chemically defined media formulations for industrial applications. We can work with customers in many different capacities, using our services as much or as little as required.

Express Media Service

At Irvine Scientific, we understand the critical role that prototype media formulations play in the development of an optimized manufacturing process. Through our express Media Service, we can rapidly provide the liquid or powder formulas that are needed in process development. Our express Media Service offers liquid lots up to 100L and powder lots up to 25 kg within 5–10 business days.


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Custom Media Service

Irvine Scientific specializes in the GMP production of large-scale culture media formulas, which are used in the manufacture of cell culture–derived products such as recombinant proteins and vaccines. Our Custom Media Service is specific to your unique requirements, with communication being an essential factor every step of the way. Strong collaboration between suppliers and customers is a necessity. Our ongoing personal service and technical support ensures that your questions and concerns are addressed both during the order and after your product is received. Our organization is structured to provide customer accessibility to our key team members and effective communication among all our internal departments.

Our capabilities include:

  • 6 weeks or less for delivery of product worldwide

  • Liquid batch sizes up to 10,000 L

  • Liquid packaging options up to 500 L

  • Large-scale powder batches available

  • Custom packaging configurations

  • Two distinct manufacturing sites — California, USA and Tokyo, Japan — to support customers worldwide

  • Designated animal component–free manufacturing areas.

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