eBook: Biopharmaceutical Training — Designing Effective Adult-Learning–Based Programs

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20-6-eBook-Training-Cover-233x300.pngBiopharmaceutical industry training is imperative not only to ensure patient safety, but also to develop a skilled workforce that can support successful businesses. Current good manufacturing practice (CGMP) skills and behaviors are needed so that products being developed, manufactured, and delivered are compliant and within specifications. Individuals who fulfill roles within development, manufacturing, and delivery processes need some level of education to develop all the necessary skills and behaviors. Adult earners have unique needs and requirements that must be incorporated into learning environments and associated programs. CGMP training can be conducted through various modalities, from classroom lectures with instructors, to e-learnings, experience-based learning, and even the new world of virtual/augmented reality. The question remains, though, whether the biopharmaceutical industry designs training programs that efficiently and effectively qualify employees to perform their assigned roles.

This eBook describes how designers of biopharmaceutical industry training programs can meet the needs of adult learners, helping them to retain new information that efficiently and effectively qualifies them for their assigned roles. The authors show that scheduling training as closely as possible to assignment of a new task will support retention of CGMP behaviors, as will reducing dependence on ineffective “read and understand” programs. Training programs also should be developed in ways that encourage employees to play active roles in their learning and professional development.

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