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Chris Wilcox

August 1, 2013

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For more than 65 years, Kerry’s Sheffield brand has earned its reputation for reliability and excellence in serving the biotech, pharmaceutical, and nutrition markets. We deliver innovative, animal-component– free supplements to help customers increase cell proliferation, extend cell viability, and increase target protein production.

Every day we expand our capabilities to meet the changing needs of the biotech market by providing the industry’s most innovative and extensive biotechnologies, including complete supplement systems, hydrolyzed proteins, recombinant proteins, and yeast extracts. We have the vast global resources and technical platform to deliver consistent, high-quality products backed by unparalleled service, technical support, and formulation customization capabilities.


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Sheffield rInsulin ACF Tertiary Animal-Component–Free

To meet the challenging needs of the market, Sheffield introduced Sheffield rInsulin ACF as a tertiary ACF, or animal-component–free in the third degree, supplement for industrial cell culture and vaccine media enhancement. This supplement enhances growth and viability in a cost-effective manner, is suitable for most cell lines, and improves overall biomanufacturing efficiencies. Sheffield rInsulin ACF can be used as a replacement for animal-derived insulin, as a cost-effective alternative to other marketed rInsulins, and/or as a tool to increase robustness of existing media where concentrations of components such as insulin have not yet been optimized. Contact Sheffield for assistance in optimizing your media.

Optimized Complex, Complete Supplements

Kerry has a range of highly optimized complete supplement systems. Our application laboratories have thoughtfully designed these ACF formulations to dramatically enhance the performance of a variety of cell lines. Protein and protein-free versions are available.

  • Sheff-CHO is designed for superior recombinant protein yields in CHO cell lines.

  • Sheff-Vax is designed for superior performance in serum-reduced and serum-free conditions, including but not limited to MDCK, BHK-21, VERO, MRC-5 cells.

  • Sheff-DOMA is designed for superior recombinant protein expression in hybridoma cell lines.

  • Sheff-AV is designed for superior cultivation for avian cell lines, including CEF.

  • Sheff-Sect is designed for superior growth performance of insect cells, including SF-9.

Media Enhancement Service

Our global application labs collaborate with customers on projects to provide custom supplement optimization. We will work with you to improve upon or replace current ingredients for your specific cells and/or media. This service includes

  • Scalable to bioreactors as needed

  • No obligation to purchase or license material.

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