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Sally Grosvenor

July 1, 2010

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With over 45 years’ experience in microbial protein expression, we deliver animal-free, recombinant biological products and technologies to forward-thinking medical device, drug formulation, and drug delivery manufacturers. Working closely together with our customers, we can provide customized biological solutions to make their products safer and more effective while getting them to market faster and hassle free.

Recombinant Human Albumin (rHA)

A range of rHAs (Recombumin®, albucult®, CellPrime™ rAlbumin AF-S) developed for industrial cell culture and biomedical applications, such as protein drug and vaccine formulation and medical device coating: Microbially expressed, our rHAs offer the benefits of albumin in a compliant, consistent way and are a convenient replacement to animal and human derived sources.

Bacillus-Based Sodium Hyaluronate

The world’s first sodium hyaluronate produced without the use of animal-derived raw materials or organic solvents: Produced from the safe bacterial strain Bacillus subtilis, our sodium hyaluronate has applications in drug targeting, drug formulation, and medical devices.


A highly potent and effective CGMP alternative to recombinant insulin for cell culture applications: LONG®R3IGF-I has been specifically engineered for serum-free cell culture supplementation — to improve process efficiency without compromising on safety or compliance.

CellPrime™ rTransferrin AF

A superior, animal-free recombinant analog of transferrin, CellPrime rTransferrin AF provides demonstrable benefits over current plasma-derived alternatives, and its inherent versatility makes it suitable for both research and commercial mammalian cell cultures. This is a Millipore alliance product for smarter cell culture.


Our proprietary albumin fusion technology is a natural alternative to PEGylation, allowing the molecular fusion of albumin to protein drug candidates for improved half-life and bioavailability. Albufuse can reduce dose frequency requirements and side effects. Combine Albufuse with our yeast expression technologies and CCMP/Q7 manufacturing services to maximize the benefits of working with us.

Protein Expression

Novozymes Biopharma offers the gold standard in microbial protein expression technology. Through our leadership and expertise over 20 years, our proprietary yeast expression system confers the advantages of stable, high-level protein expression using animal-free materials delivering a highly competitive cost of goods. Coupled with our extensive experience and know-how, we offer a wide range of peptides and proteins as well as scale-up, GMP manufacturing, and regulatory support. Novozymes Biopharma offers full technical support for a complete process development package to accommodate a project’s needs. We can offer flexible and single license packages for expression and where appropriate to our albumin fusion technology to develop customized solutions.

CellPrime™ is a trade mark of Millipore and Novozymes. CellPrime™ products are distributed through Millipore. LONG®R3IGF-I is distributed by SAFC Biosciences. Novozymes Biopharma US Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Novozymes A/S, Krogshoejvej 36, 2880 Bagsvaerd, Denmark.

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