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January 1, 2010

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Inline Sampling

Product: STA-PURE fluid sampling

Applications: PAT sampling

Features: Gore’s sampling system can be directly connected to 25-mm Ingold ports. Previously, such sampling required the use of TC adapters and O rings that can leak or get stuck in vessel ports. The STA-PURE solution uses a high-purity, highly compressible platinum-cured silicone adapter integrated with a single valve device. A single-use silicone sleeve is attached and presterilized with the device. When the valve body is inserted into a vessel port, the sleeve rings are compressed significantly to create redundant seals that will withstand >100-psi fluid pressure.

Contact W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Membrane Chromatography

Product: Mustang Q XT chromatography capsules

Applications: Biopharmaceutical contaminant removal

Features: Mustang Q XT chromatography capsules help process developers reduce purification time, increase throughput, and cut costly buffer consumption. The open-pore structure of Mustang membranes makes these capsules especially useful in high–flow-rate contaminant removal applications and in the capture/removal of large molecules.

Contact Pall Corporation

Integrate Disposables

Product: FlexAct system

Applications: Production process design

Features: Designed to help preconfigured single-use solutions meet process requirements, the FlexAct system enables biomanufacturers to use integrated single-use equipment for entire steps in upstream/downstream processes. As a full-fledged workstation, it helps users design efficient and flexible processes with out-of-the-box disposable unit operations. This level of integration and standardization makes it easy for anyone still using stainless steel equipment or individual disposable components to convert to single-use unit operations.

Contact Sartorius Stedim Biotech

CGMP Reagents

Service: Contract manufacturing

Applications: APIs, intermediates, and reagents

Features: BioVectra Inc., a biopharmaceutical CMO with 40 years of experience in product development, released its first round of new bioprocessing reagents that adhere to the company’s CGMP quality management system. The company offers both synthetic organic chemistry and biochemistry expertise. Its manufacturing and development technologies include a number of complex synthesis and reaction technologies, high-purity MPEG production, fermentation of an array of biomolecules, and natural product isolation and purification.

Contact BioVectra

Increase Consistency

Product: EX-CELL ANTIFOAM solution

Application: Foam control in cell culture bioreactors

Features: EX-CELL ANTIFOAM is a nonanimal-origin solution to enhance foam control in cell culture bioreactors for increasing consistency, efficiency, and stability in biomanufacturing. It is formulated from a 30% simethicone emulsion and validated by a simethicone quantification assay that confirms lot-specific concentration. Through formulation optimization, use of a quantitative assay, and understanding the nonspecific binding of simethicone, a company can report the actual simethicone concentration of the gamma-irradiated finished material.

Contact SAFC (Sigma-Aldrich Group)

Flexible Tubing Fitting Tools

Service: Redesigned website for customer service

Applications: Tubings and fittings

Features: Value Plastics redesigned its website in response to customer feedback. The company’s full line of >3,400 tubing fittings is reorganized for easy access. New account management features include unlimited address storage, complete order and invoice histories, price and availability checking by part number, hierarchical account management, shipping options, volume-based pricing, and an advanced payment option.

Contact Value Plastics, Inc.

Disposable Dialysis

Product: Tube-a-Lyzer system

Applications: Membrane separations

Features: The Tube-a-Lyzer ready-to-use separation device combines convenience and disposability with the efficiency of dynamic dialysis to increase mass transfer and reduce dialysis times from 1–2 days to 4–12 hours. This self-contained device incorporates semipermeable membrane tubing that separates its sample chamber from the surrounding flow-through buffer chamber. The dry, biotech-grade cellulose ester (CE) membrane tubing comes in six MW cutoffs, and the sample chamber comes in two volume sizes.

Contact Spectrum Laboratories, Inc.

Build Organs Cell by Cell

Product: 3D Bio-Printer system

Applications: Manufacturing human tissue and organs

Features: Organovo will supply Invetech’s world’s-first product-model three-dimensional “bio-printer” to research institutions investigating human tissue repair and organ replacement. These units provide for the first time a flexible technology platform for organizations working on different types of tissue construction and organ replacement. The systems include an intuitive software interface that allows engineers to model of a tissue construct before the printer begins physical construction of the organs cell-by-cell using automated, laser-calibrated print heads.

Contact Invetech

Contact Organovo

Online Measurement

Product: #CITSens Bio sensors

Applications: PAT measurement for disposable bioreactors

Features: A #CITSens Bio sensor enables real-time analysis of glucose, glutamate, and lactate by measuring online and in situ directly in a disposable bioreactor. These systems help ensure long-term stability and sterile conditions of a culture while increasing efficiencies in process optimization. They are suitable for three-dimensional cell cultures and development of new cell lines as well as cultures of limited volumes. Each sensor is a screen-printed electrode that can be used with any standard disposable bioreactor.

Contact C-#CIT AG

Nanoscale Liquid Handling

Product: ProtoCOL 2 system

Applications: Miniaturized assays

Features: Agilent and V&P Scientific provide custom Pintool heads for Agilent Automation Solutions liquid handlers. Pintool heads enable users to convert 96- or 384-well pipetting systems or plate handlers into Pintool workstations that deliver 3 nL to 5µL using 96-, 384-, or 1,536-pin tools. These heads use the surface tension of pins instead of aspirating through tips to deliver precise nanoliter amounts for multiplexing assays. They precisely transfer 3,000–5,000 nL of liquid to any position on an instrument deck.

Contact Agilent Technologies

Genetic Analysis

Product: IFC Controller MX system

Applications: Drug discovery, cell line development, personalized medicine

Features: The Fluidigm BioMark self-contained system is designed to automatically prime and load 48.48 Dynamic Array and 12.765 Digital Array integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) one at a time on a BioMark Real-Time PCR system. It is a compact, fully integrated system with an internal computer, touch-screen control, and internal air source capable of setting up 2,304 reactions within minutes. It is designed for laboratories to undertake high-throughput gene expression, genotyping, and real-time/digital PCR experiments economically.

Contact Fluidigm Europe BV

O2 Sensors

Product: PnPro6800 oxygen sensors

Application: Inertization of gasses in vaccine production

Features: During vaccine production processes, certain compounds are deteriorated in the presence of oxygen. So measurement and control of dissolved and gaseous oxygen are critical to optimize the gas inertization phase. To help vaccine manufacturers meet that need, Mettler Toledo combines its InPro6800 dissolved- and gaseous-oxygen sensors with its M300 two-channel multiparameter transmitter. The resulting system measures gaseous and dissolved oxygen and features sensor stability and very low detection limits.

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