Voices of Biotech: Sustainability at the core of Core Biogenesis

The director of strategy and alliance management at Core Biogenesis discusses the advantages, challenges, and how plant-based processes contribute to sustainability in the biotech space.

Millie Nelson, Editor

February 22, 2024

24 Min Listen

This episode of the Voices of Biotech – brought to you by the BioProcess Insider Expression Platform brings you an exciting conversation with Quentin Vicard, strategy and alliance management at Core Biogenesis.

In July 2022, Core Biogenesis bagged $10.5 million in a Series A funding round to build a plant-based bioproduction facility located in Strasbourg, France. The plant is dedicated to manufacturing growth factors and cytokines for the cell therapy space and cellular agricultural industry.

Vicard speaks about the company’s technology platform that can express recombinant proteins from the seeds of a Camelina sativa oilseed plant. He talks in-depth about the benefits of using a plant-based process, the challenges that come with it, and the firm’s future goals.

On top of cost benefits, less space required, and impressive scalability, Vicard tells our listeners how its plant-based process has less of an impact on the environment and why sustainability is at the core of Core Biogenesis. Additionally, the conversation touches on the regulatory challenges companies are faced with when using a method that differs from the norm.

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