Voices of Biotech: Healthy people need a healthy planet, says Green Elephant Biotech

The co-founder and managing director of Green Elephant Biotech discusses sustainable single-use products, the importance of data, and how healthy people need a healthy planet.

Millie Nelson, Editor

January 15, 2024

27 Min Listen

This episode of the Voices of Biotech – brought to you by the BioProcess Insider Expression Platform –  brings you an in-depth conversation with Joel Eichmann, co-founder and managing director of Green Elephant Biotech.

Eichmann speaks about the firm’s plant-based plastic single-use products and how it is contributing to making the world that little bit greener, despite being told a few years ago the company was ahead of its time. Additionally, the life cycle of the product is discussed, and the conversation evolves to talk about the ecosystem needed to recycle effectively.  

He goes on to bring up an important point about how drugs in the life sciences space are saving lives, however, to reap the full benefit of commercialized medicine, we need to have a healthy planet for the healthy people to live on.  

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