Voices of Biotech: Bristol Myers talks diverse leadership

Lottie Leinfellner

May 10, 2023

When it comes to hiring, there is not enough diversity at upper leadership levels says Vibha Jawa, executive director at Bristol Myers Squibb.

In the latest episode of Voices of Biotech, brought to you by BioProcess Insider Expression Platform, Bristol Myers Squibb’s Jawa discusses the limited diversity of the hiring pool, building a network of female professionals, and the importance of career mentorship.

Jawa shares her career journey and the challenges in transitioning from academia to industry. “There is always a mindset that people from academia are not made for biotech or the pharmaceutical sector, so it took me a while to get out of that academic mode,” says Jawa.

She highlights the importance of mentoring and developing a strong network of support at the beginning of your career. “I could’ve benefited initially with a better network, which I did not have.”

Jawa also discuss diversity in leadership. Whilst this has improved on a graduate level, “if I’m looking for someone who can do a role where they manage a bigger group, I don’t find the diversity. I don’t even find it in the job pool,” says Jawa.

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