The Future of Protein A

BPI Contributor

October 1, 2013

In this audiocast, BPI’s managing editor Maribel Rios talked with Karol Lacki (staff scientist at GE Healthcare Biosciences) about the use and future of protein A in bioprocessing. Its selectivity, robustness, and well-known ability to bind to a wide range of IgG molecules have made protein A a widely accepted affinity resin for current purification streams. Nonetheless, the industry has raised some concerns over cost, productivity, and other issues. That has led to the development of novel alternatives for purification that reportedly offer advantages over protein A. Lacki discuses the impact of those systems, pointing out their specific disadvantages that should be taken under consideration. In addition, he argues that the cost of protein A may be “misrepresented.” Finally, Lacki believes “smart engineering approaches” to the use of resins will be the next trend.

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