Establishing a Research Agenda in Bioproduction January 2014

BPI Contributor

January 1, 2014

In an audiocast with managing editor Maribel Rios, Rick Johnston (principal at Bioproduction Group), discusses his views on some changes in the biomanufacturing industry since his January 2008 article, “Establishing a Research Agenda in Bioproduction.” In that article, Johnston reviewed some of the industry’s operational challenges, including the need for supply chain reliability, uncertainty in demand and production processes, and variability in quality assurance and quality control. In the audiocast, he talks about steps the industry has taken toward addressing those issues. During the past five years, implementation of lean manufacturing strategies has become increasingly important. Johnston shares his perspectives on their effects on bioprocess operations today. Finally, Johnston provides insight into some key considerations that manufacturers should take into account when working toward achieving a research agenda.

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