Emerging Markets: Current Insights into the State of Global Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

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Opportunities for establishing strong biopharmaceutical capabilities are expanding across the globe. This e-book seeks to encapsulate the current state of emerging markets/countries, tracing key elements above and offering examples to show where (in the world) the biopharmaceutical industry is expanding and securing its footholds. Generally, to succeed in these markets, foreign companies must exercise efficient resource management and control, show creativity and receptiveness to cultural differences, develop new strategies, and manage expectations. Working with local partners can provide access to resources, labor, and necessary government connections — and in some parts of the world, such local partnerships are essential, mandated by governmental policies. Companies can help local populations access medicines through corporate programs and through collaborations with government and/or charitable foundations and WHO partnerships. Regulatory harmonization is continuing to build essential pathways to approvals in developing regions, and global efforts toward intellectual property protection are securing access to safe medications for the world’s citizens.

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