Updated Sustainability Report from NewAge® Industries Showcases Recent Improvements

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October 11, 2017

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Updated Sustainability Report from NewAge® Industries Showcases Recent Improvements

Plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries has released the Second Edition of its Sustainability Report focused on continued commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company made additional improvements to its facility and operations to further its sustainability practices.

This Second Edition report highlights recent upgrades such as:

  • The installation of an electric vehicle charging station

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting in all building renovation areas

  • Becoming a zero landfill organization by using enhanced recycling and an EfW, or Energy from Waste, facility

  • On-demand generators that power on in the event of electrical service interruption

  • The recycling of scrap silicone material

  • A cardboard compactor for easier cardboard recycling

  • Updated figures for kilowatt hours saved thanks to the company’s rooftop solar power array

“We’ve been using solar power for over six years,” noted Ken Baker, CEO. “Our system has over four thousand panels and generates a megawatt of electricity each year, allowing us to source a good portion of our energy needs cleanly and sustainably. We’re very pleased with that.”

NewAge is currently undergoing building renovations to expand production and warehousing for its AdvantaPure® brand of high purity tubing and Single-Use products and for additional Quality Department needs. While many of the improvements in the updated sustainability report relate to these renovations, others are simply part of the company’s ongoing focus of being a responsible corporate partner and good neighbor.

“It took a lot of effort to make all of these changes happen,” said Baker. “Yes, it would be easier to throw all of our trash away and let it end up in a landfill. It would also be easier to keep using our inefficient, old lighting and to tell our customers ‘Sorry, the power’s out, we can’t help you’ during outages. But none of that is good for the environment, our relationships or our bottom line. We’ve chosen to take a stand and become an example.”

Baker also notes that part of NewAge’s sustainability involves its status as an employee-owned (ESOP) organization. Employee ownership allows for better employee retention and continuity while it lessens competitors’ interest and opportunities for mergers or acquisitions. The pride of ownership helps employees commit to success as they share in both rewards and risks.

You can download the Second Edition of NewAge Industries’ Sustainability Report and view the company’s green initiatives at http://www.newageindustries.com/green-initiatives.asp.

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