Finesse® Solutions Launches SmartVessel™, a Single-Use 3L Bioreactor for Cell Culture and Fermentation

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November 1, 2016

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Finesse® Solutions Launches SmartVessel™, a Single-Use 3L Bioreactor for Cell Culture and Fermentation

Finesse Solutions, Inc., a manufacturer of measurement and control solutions for life sciences process applications, announced the launch of SmartVessel, a single-use 3-liter bioreactor vessel. The SmartVessel features integrated single-use sensors for cell culture applications of mammalian, stem, insect, and plant cells. The SmartVessel also has separate electrochemical sensor ports for fermentation and bio-fuels applications.   All wetted materials of the SmartVessel are USP class VI-compliant, animal derived component-free, latex-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free.

This stirred tank bioreactor allows working volumes ranging from approximately 0.5L to 2.2L. The unit comes completely preassembled and pre-sterilized, so it is immediately ready to use. There is no need for labor-intensive steps, such as autoclaving or probe installation, thus minimizing setup time. The design allows significant flexibility in impeller design so that each application can be optimized independently.

The SmartVessel is engineered to provide optimal low-shear performance in mixing without sacrificing the kLa or thermal control together with the efficiency and flexibility of a single-use system. Comparable in performance with SmartGlass™, the SmartVessel is readily interchangeable with SmartRocker™ when used with the G3Lab™ Universal Controller.

The SmartVessel head plate allows for the insertion of autoclavable probes (for example, cell viability or CO2). Similar to SmartRocker, the SmartVessel also leverages integrated SmartPuck sensor technology for pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), and temperature measurement. SmartVessel has been designed to maximize process flexibility, from simple fed-batch to sophisticated perfusion processes. It is also possible to integrate a cooling finger into the head plate to allow use in fermentation applications.

“SmartVessels represent the continued commitment of Finesse to bring single-use solutions to the lab scale cell-culture market,” said Dr. Barbara Paldus, Finesse CEO and co-founder. “We anticipate that SmartVessel will provide a unique, complete solution for process development and optimization in stem cell and CAR-T therapies as well as the production of seed cultures and cell banks in more traditional applications.”

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