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June 27, 2017

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Selexis Announces Commercial License Agreement with Takeda for the Development of Fusion Proteins

Selexis SA, a pioneering life sciences company and a global leader in mammalian cell line generation technology, announced today that it has entered a commercial license agreement (CLA) that provides Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited [TSE:4502], (“Takeda”) with access to high-performance research cell banks (RCBs) developed using the Selexis SUREtechnology Platform™. Takeda is leveraging Selexis’ mammalian cell line-based protein expression platform to develop recombinant fusion proteins.

“Successfully developing a high-performance cell line expressing Takeda’s fusion proteins validates the strength of our SUREtechnology Platform,” said Yemi Onakunle, PhD, Selexis vice president, business development and licensing. “Through the systematic application of our platform under an initial licensing agreement, Selexis was able to isolate clones with very high productivity. We look forward to our continued work with Takeda under this agreement.”

Selexis’ proprietary and high performance SUREtechnology Platform facilitates the rapid, stable, and cost-effective production of virtually any recombinant protein including those that are difficult to express in other systems. It also provides seamless integration of the biologics and vaccine development continuum, spanning discovery to commercialization.

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