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Figure 2: Principal-component loadings plot of (left) PC1 against PC2 and (right) PC2 against PC3; colors indicate variable type — CHE (red), physiochemical data (green), free amino acids (FAA, blue); molecular weight distribution (SIZ, blue), and total amino acid (TAA, black)

Multivariate Analysis of Biological Additives for Growth Media and Feeds

Biological additives such as yeast extracts and peptones are commonly used in growth-media formulations for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. In spite of drivers encouraging companies to reduce variability in mammalian cell culture processes by using chemically defined media, many microbial and mammalian processes continue to use biological additives in their growth-medium formulations and/or feeds. According to Sheffield Bioscience (Kerry, Inc.), at least six of the top 10 licensed mammalian-cell– derived biotherapeutic products are manufactured using biological additives (1). During process development, it…