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High Density Culture Strategies For Improved Scalability With Single-Use Systems

Improvements in single-use systems have allowed implementing high-density cultures in standard work flows. The current study shows integration of the Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ Single-Use Bioreactor (S.U.B.) and the XCell™ ATF6 Single-Use (SU) System to achieve high-density cultures. Current results are compared against similar cultures using a stainless steel ATF6 system. The S.U.B. was able to support high-density cultures (>40E06 cells/mL) without modification to standard single-use components and maintained proper operating parameters. Scale-up criteria for both S.U.B. and ATF are provided…


Single-Use Processing for Microbial Fermentations

During the past decade, single‑use bioprocessing has emerged as a standard platform for current good manufacturing practice (CGMP) mammalian cell culture. Biomanufacturers have come to appreciate the benefits of lower capital and operating costs, reduced contamination risk, continuity from early development through manufacturing, flexibility, and sustainability (1). Disposable cell‑culture vessels have gained wide acceptance because their performance duplicates that of stainless‑steel, fixed‑tank bioreactors, with which manufacturers have extensive experience. This is no accident: Single‑use bioreactors use stainless–steel engineering principles, particularly…