BioProcess International European Summit

Event Information:

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    CE in the Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industries

    Boston, MA

    CE in the Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industries: 18th Symposium on the Practical Applications for the Analysis of Proteins, Nucleotides and Small Molecules will be held Sept. 17-20, 2017, in Boston, Mass. CE Pharm 2017 provides an interactive forum for the discussion of recent developments and practical applications of capillary electrophoresis (CE) in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Topics cover a wide range of applications of CE in the development, characterization, validation and commercial release of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, including small molecules, vaccines and monoclonal antibodies.

    The CE meeting offers the opportunity to:

    • Network and collaborate with your peers to obtain new ideas
    • Get the latest perspectives on CE technology from industry and regulatory agencies
    • Exchange method development and troubleshooting tips
    • Gain an overall, in-depth understanding on a variety of CE applications
    • Connect directly to the pulse of the biotech and pharmaceutical industry and its leaders

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