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Figure 1: Design and layout of Millidisk and Millipak barrier filters

Best Practices for Critical Sterile Filter Operation: A Case Study

A number of regulatory guidelines recommend preuse integrity testing of critical sterilizing liquid filters for aseptic processing (1–3). Before sterilization, a preuse test will confirm that a filter is installed properly and was not damaged during shipment or handling. Performing a preuse test after sterilization detects damage that may have occurred during the sterilization cycle. Testing after sterilization limits risk, so it is a practice applied based on risk assessment. Because it is perceived to reduce business loss risk, preuse…

Figure 1: Swelling by internal pressure for tubing 2 (3/8-in. ID); calculation of swelling pressure from tube-swelling curve fitted by second-order polynomial fitting

Pressure Rating for Bioprocess Single-Use Assemblies

Single-use systems (SUSs) are engineered process equipment solutions for pharmaceutical and biologics production. They offer several key advantages, such as lowering energy costs to reduce utility requirements, minimizing cleaning validation efforts, reducing water and chemical use, and enabling flexibility in manufacturing. Use of SUSs is increasingly popular in almost all fields of bioprocess applications (1, 2). SUSs most commonly comprise components made of polymeric materials, which together create a system or unit operation designed for one-time or campaign use. Single-use…